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Adipic dihydrazide(ADH)

Basic information

Product name: Adipic dihydrazide

English name:Adipic dihydrazide

Molecular formula:C6H14N4O2

Molecular weight:174.0

CAS NO: 1071-93-8

HS NO: 29280000

Structural formula: H2NHCO ( CH2 ) 4CONHNH2


Physicochemical properties: The product is white crystal powder, soluble in water. Water-soluble paints crosslink agent, mental deactivating agent, bio-chemical agent, water processing agent- ADH.


Application: ADH is a powdery compound with high melting point, which is prepared from reaction of organic acid and hydrazine. It can be used as latent curing agent for EP. The powdery paint with EP/SPH as viscous system owns very good flexibility, resistance to water, weather fastness, anti-corrosion, insulativity and decorate performance. In domestic and overseas market, it becomes a necessary latent curing agent especially in areas likepetrol pipe, Spaceflight, aviation fuel and where anti-corrosive powder of high quality turns to be solid quickly at high temperature. In addition, its effect is very idea on strength increase of epoxy resin powder and fiberglass reinforced plastic products. Particularly, water-soluble coatings with high performance can be produced combined with diacetone acrylamide (DAAM).





 Standard value



White powder

Melting point














Dry decrement



Packing: the products is packed in 20 kg paper carton


Application area

Adipic dihy drazides(ADH) Adipic dihy drazides(ADH) Adipic dihy drazides(ADH)

Water-based paint on Spaceflight

Water-based paint on Automobile

Water-based paint on

Adipic dihy drazides(ADH) Adipic dihy drazides(ADH) Adipic dihy drazides(ADH)

External wall coatings

Internal wall coatings

Water-based wooden paint


On a
Diacetone acrylamide(DAAM)